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About Daniel Yuschick

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA

  • Spent my 7th birthday singing every word at an Alice Cooper concert
  • Worked two years in a record store
  • Freelanced as a web designer and developer
  • Played drums Link opens in a new window. in multiple metal bands

Moved to North Carolina, USA in 2009

  • Learned what a recession was
  • Continued to freelance
  • Never used my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice / Computer Forensics
  • Adopted my dog, Abbie
  • Competed in several YMCA basketball leagues
  • Tried bean-to-bar chocolate and have been spoiled since
  • Taught Frontend Engineering at The Iron Yard Link opens in a new window. coding bootcamp

Followed my love of winter and metal to Helsinki, Finland in 2017

  • Lived in an AirBnB without running water for the first two weeks
  • Went on a Tinder date
  • A lot more basketball and a lot less freelancing
  • Discovered my love of traveling
  • Wrote my first novel, The Mines
  • Attended Turkmenistan's annual Independence Day horse race
  • Learned what a pandemic was
  • Learned how to drive manual then bought an automatic
  • Married that Tinder date

Still to come...

  • Complete and publish a second novel
  • Learn enough Finnish to become a citizen
  • Get a Fazer chocolate bar tattoo
  • Become a certified Web Accessibility Specialist
  • Dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop