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The Mines by Daniel Yuschick

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Always interested in the macabre and obscure, Tas loves traveling to explore abandoned and dangerous dark tourism destinations. She’s fascinated by learning the often untold and violent histories of forgotten places. When a journal from the diamond mining ghost town, Kolmanskop, Namibia, mysteriously lands on her desk, she has the chance to learn her darkest one yet. It’s been her dream to bring lost stories to life at the history museum and Kolmanskop touts a wealth of secrecy buried beneath its sands. Secrets Tas wants to uncover.

But if dreams can come true, what about nightmares?

Dean’s debilitating anxiety attacks are triggered by his increasingly realistic dreams in which he feels conscious and alive. Only when those dreams start playing out in real life does he question whether they dictate his future or if he’s still in control. He’s terrified of the answer and crippled with the very real possibility that his nightmares will soon fester to life.

Especially, the nightmare with Tas.